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    Survey test bout Ur gf fav food

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    Survey test bout Ur gf fav food

    Post by mystic on Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:57 pm

    Hello all boys friends :

    This is a little test for knowing ur couple personality by her favorite food, d way : u make an ilustration or story seem like both of u come home late at night and stomach have been hungry and sounded, at that place there are only sells fried rice , meatballs , porridge, sweet fruits and salad . if they told to choose ( only can choose one of that foods ) which will they drop their choice ?

    d answer :

    if like fried rice : that girl is enough a hotest girl or type of stern girl and d said is hot often . but she is active type and ready everytime and including hard working type, fast responsible in work, if in marketing she will be number 1 marketer.

    if like meatballs : that girl is a girl that have high leadership characteristics or have high domination at boys . dont try to have an argument at them . they r agreed at d peak position in everything ( also in d bed affair ) because have wide view ( round meatballs is symbol of global and spread )

    if like sweet fruit : that girl is a girl that have very high optimisme

    if like porridge : nach this is an ideal type, because if d choice is porridge, this really d type of the rare girl and charcoal this time, because usually who like porridge is type feminin of a girl, soft weak and followers - typical solo princess that soft and weak in her behaviour and good manners and wont to touch on d feeling of her couple.

    i dun like thats all kind of food lol! lol! Razz

    -Best regards-
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    Re: Survey test bout Ur gf fav food

    Post by kurd_vengeance on Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:58 pm

    nice Very Happy thanks for information Very Happy what about if she eats all of them at once Rolling Eyes

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