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    Jus soo alone!



    Jus soo alone!

    Post by Guest on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:56 am

    Soo Alone

    The past repeats,
    That's why my heart weeps.
    Tired of whiping my tears,
    I wonder if you know
    losing you is my greatest fear.
    One day you'll wake up
    And I'll be gone.
    Then who's shoulder
    will you use... to cry on.
    Why is it that you're the only
    one that can turn my frown
    upside down. Another broken heart
    because I tried to be something I was not.
    Down to the ground
    maybe cause Im brown
    im not some dog you can
    bark upon.
    My pain is my own, and
    I have kept it in for as long
    as I've known.
    Sorry for all the grief
    didn't mean to hurt you
    now I will stop troubling you
    and defiantly stop bothering you.
    Didn't share the same feelings
    as I thought we did. Wrong like
    many times before this is probably
    the reason im so alone.

    jus so alone Sad!!!

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