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    The way i feel !



    The way i feel !

    Post by Guest on Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:39 am

    I have felt it,i have seen it
    within myself,
    deep in my heart.
    A reason for a smile,happiness for a while
    Was it LOVE?
    Love is so feeble,hardly people are noble.
    Love is when you allow them to leave u,
    not coz,they want to but coz they have to.
    Love is when you give them your heart,your life, your death!
    I had found love all around,in your heart & in ur eyes,
    Oh! but it was just a deception
    I was in a world of lies.
    'LOVE' was a false sensation.
    Blurred seemed the vision,
    tears were the reason..

    But now i can see the truth,
    that love does not exist.
    Ive seen it,ive felt it
    within myself and the world around me...
    Love does not exist,
    neither in the open air nor deep down d ocean.
    i know now,love is not the only feeling...
    Jealousy,hatered,enemity;the world around,is revealin.

    Oh! where has the love gone,
    within me?
    has it departed from my heart and soul?
    So lonely are the passin days...
    me myself and tears alone......

    Sad na?....

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