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    yet another 1 :(



    yet another 1 :(

    Post by Guest on Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:53 am

    Your Lies !!

    Funny when things never change
    Even when you say they will
    But while your off screwing him
    My life is standing still

    You tell me that you love me
    When I go to leave
    You tell me I'm your only one
    And I let myself believe

    I know that you are using me
    But you'll never let me go
    I know that you don't love me
    I know I'm just for show

    I don't know If I can stand
    To see you love another guy
    You know that you broke my heart
    You know that your my world

    But while your standing by my side
    I'll believe your lies forever
    Cause everything seems so perfect
    When we are together

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