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    Vengeance is back in a New Look..!!


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    Vengeance is back in a New Look..!!

    Post by webmaster on Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:30 pm

    Officially foundered in 28th august 2006, VENGEANCE'S main aims is to protect the rights of the individuals who were suffering due to the acts of scandalous gangs. Fighting against these gangs and support mig33. Vengeances will always fight and wipe out all the scandalous gangs. We will always make mig33 safe and independent place for all.

    We had many issues regarding after the resignation of our founder kewl_vengeance, yet with the help of our co-founder moderator_vengeance,feel_vengeance,extream_vengeance, unbeatable_vengeance and hyper_vengenace we was able to establish vengeance back on top again. vengeance is one of the best community's on mig33 and always will be.

    For more details you can also visit our wapsite ""

    -------------------------------------------VENGEANCE RULES-------------------------------------------


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